Auctions provide a fast, proven method, for turning your assets into cash, downsizing, or settling an estate. However, for many people, it may be a process they are not familiar with. That’s why it is so important, to chose the right auctioneer or auction house. I work very hard to make sure we are the RIGHT auction house for your needs.

I’ve specialized in antique auctions for almost twenty years, and made a full time living in the antique/auction business for over 30 years.

I make sure a potential consignor understands the up side, and also the possible down side, to selling by auction. I explain clearly the commission rate I charge, and if there are any additional charges, I make those charges very clear. Never are there any hidden charges!

Wherever possible, I give an estimate on the items to be sold, based on our previous auction results. I will not knowingly over estimate the value of an item. I would prefer to offer a conservative estimate, and if that estimate is exceeded, then everyone is happy!

For almost twenty years, I’ve built my business, on three simple platforms. “Prompt Payment”. “Competitive Commissions”. “Professional Service”

Please feel free to email me photos, or call toll free 1-877-797-2135, Barrie area 705-730-5739, for a no-obligation consultation.

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