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January 16, 2012
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a few “tweaks” here and there.

I just wanted to share an email I received today.  I will give you some background first. It was brought to my attention that anyone using an iphone or tablet could not scroll down the photo gallery on my website.  All they could see were the first four photos. I would like to redesign my photo gallery, but in the meantime I posted a link to my photo gallery hosted on another website.  All the photos are on one page, so they can be viewed with an iphone or tablet.  This is a temporary measure, but still effective. For those using a table top or lap tap computer the old photo gallery still offers the largest photos. So here was the very nice email.   “Many thanks for the Tablet compatible picture set. Very clear and user friendly. Your prompt response to new technological changes continues to reinforce that you sincerely are appreciative of the needs of your customers. It is no wonder that your auctions have the reputation within the province as some of the most honest on the market today.”   I do try to make this website as informative and useful as possible, and it is certainly nice to hear the efforts are appreciated! I will keep striving to make this website, and of course the actual auctions, as good as I possibly can. What fun would it be if I didn’t? Rob
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