Another Auction Season Draws To A Close…

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December 10, 2011
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and we went out on a high note!

Thanks to everyone who attended our final sale of the year on Dec3! Another big crowd, 171 registered bidders, and by days end, we sold an even 800 lots! I recall in a previous blog I said I was going to make the sales smaller….well, I meant smaller in the 2012! Yes, we did have a lot of merchandise to go through, and I still have a backlog of items to deal with, but that will happen in the new year. I was pleased at the size of the crowd.  Dec can be a tricky month for auctions.  People are busy with Christmas shopping, concerts, work parties, that sort of thing.  It can be tough to fill an auction hall, but that wasn’t a problem this time around. Not to mention, there has been an antique auction every weekend since the beginning of October in the Pottageville Community Centre.  There have been over 5000 items offered for auction in that period of time, and it seems like Pottageville has become “auction central”.  I think it is working well for all the auctioneers involved, and in 2012, Pottageville will remain the “hub” of the antique auction business in this area. Prices in our last auction of course were up and down, reflecting the trend in the antique business.  Always winners and losers, and I will deal with that in my year end auction blog. I now enter the quiet time of year in our business, and I actually look forward to it.  Yes I still have pickups to do for January, and of course photos, etc.  However, I can approach all of that at a leisurely pace and spend more time participating in holiday activities.  I like this time of year. Before Christmas we have our staff get together lunch at the Mandarin.  Works out well because almost all of my staff work for Dave and Carol Beasley as well, so we all get together.  Plus the Mandarin gives a nice discount for seniors…so that covers nearly all of the staff! I will take this time to thank my wonderful staff, consignors and buyers.  We had another record year, and I am always appreciative of that. Nice to see so many new faces to our auctions this past year, and of course all of our regulars. So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year….looking forward to 2012! Rob You can view a video presentation of this past auction by clicking here.
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