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May 18, 2010
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…but it is all good!

Forgive me for not updating this blog for awhile….however, I do have a pretty good excuse.  It’s an old excuse…and maybe a tired one…but this is the truth.  I have been too busy! This past month I have been absolutely inundated with items for auction….I don’t know if it has ever been busier than it has been in the last month. This is the time for moving, downsizing, settling estates, and I’ve  had it all.  Now, don’t think I am complaining, because I certainly welcome the business. I also plan to do whatever I can to make sure the business keeps coming too! However, I have had to make some changes to accommodate the growth in business.  I rented another 20’ x 10’ storage unit.  I felt pretty confident that would handle the additional business.  I filled the unit to capacity in 5 days!  So I am still struggling to find enough storage space, and I filled up my backup storage, in addition to the extra unit, so a few things will pile up in my kitchen until after this next auction! I now have to plan two sales almost simultaneously…working on the upcoming sale and also the June sale at the same time, so my organizational skills have also been put to the test. However I have developed new operating procedures….in other words…getting better organized!  And it does work. What does this mean for you?  Simply put….a lot of good “stuff” coming your way, and I am thankful we are in the Cookstown Curling Club for the next sales, because believe me, we need a big facility like that! Speaking of the Curling Club.  I say we will be there for the next few sales, but I am not sure we will be there the entire summer.  The Curling Club may be undergoing some extensive renovations this season, and that may interfere with me holding auctions there for this year.  It is work that has to be done eventually, and of course the summer is the off season for the Curling Club, so understandably, that is when the work will have to be done.  We will be there for May and June, and we may have to work around some equipment etc being brought in for renovation work, but I can live with that.  I really would like to get the entire summer and early fall in at the Curling Club, but if we can’t, I will work out something.  There are always other options….I hope! So I hope you can make it to the May 28th auction…it is going to be another good one! Rob YOUR COMMENTS ABOUT THIS BLOG OR ANY PAST BLOGS ARE CERTAINLY WELCOME.  YOU CAN SEND YOUR COMMENTS TO rob@robsageauctions.com
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