Final Sale Of The Season

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November 23, 2009
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and I am a little relieved!

Thanks to everyone who attended our final sale of the season…Saturday Nov 21. I wanted to wrap up the year on a high note…and we did exactly that!  Our best November sale ever. For some reason I did not have a good feeling about this auction.  I worried we had far too much stuff, and we simply would not have the buyers for everything.  I had visions of trying to move truckloads of merchandise back to my already crowded storage! Fortunately my concerns did not pan out, and we sold every piece of furniture and only packed a few boxes of small items. November auctions are usually the toughest for me.  Weather is always the concern, and in the past years we have been plagued with snowstorms, freezing rain…and that is tough when you are doing an evening sale, as we used to do in the past.  Never had a disaster, but there were a few sales that came pretty close to the line! So it was a relief to have dry weather, sunshine, and a large and enthusiastic crowd! Last month was the first time I did a Saturday sale in Bond Head.  For the past 13 years they have always been Friday nights.  Last month we did not have any other local sales, so we had a good crowd and a good turnout.  This month, we had three or four good sales within a one hour drive of ours.  Realizing we had more competition this time out, I anticipated perhaps a smaller crowd than last month.  We actually had a little bigger crowd, and sales were higher than last month.  Just proves you can never figure it out 100%….and if ever the time comes when I can, I am gonna make a lot more money! This past sale was one of the largest we have done in Bond Head for a few years now.  Not in dollar value, but in quantity.  We were selling upstairs and downstairs at one time, and sold over 700 lots in total, in a 7 ¾ hour sale.  That is a lot of handling and setup work…and of course a lot of selling!  I keep promising my weary staff that I will try to make the sales smaller, and they keep rolling their eyes.  It’s true…they’ve heard that time and time again. As large as this sale was, there are still approx. 30 large boxes of small items that never even got unpacked, and they will have to go into the Jan and March auctions.  I also had to tell several people the sale was full and their items would have to wait for a future date. So my resolution for the new year…wait for it…somehow try and keep the sales a little smaller and more manageable, but maintain the same dollar value, in order to offset the increasing cost of each auction.  Yeah, let’s see how that works! Since this was the last sale of the year, I will thank you all for a wonderful year….but I will do that in more detail in my next posting.  Right now there are hours of paperwork to get started on, and I really can’t delay any more.  There are consignors waiting for their cheque! Have fun on the auction trail! Rob IF YOU WISH TO COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE OR ANY OTHER ARTICLE YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT   YOUR COMMENTS WILL NOT BE MADE PUBLIC
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