First Saturday Night Auction….

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June 30, 2011
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and now maybe more changes on the way ūüôĀ

Thanks to everyone who attended our first Saturday night auction, on June 25! We had a good turnout, much to my relief.¬† Also recieved some nice emails and feedback telling me how much they enjoyed the auction,, and that is always so nice to hear! This was our first Saturday night auction, which is not a traditional time to do a sale. Gets busy on Saturdays during the summer, and many auctioneers switch from Saturday to a weeknight.¬†¬†I did the same for many years, but in Pottageville there are no weeknights available other than Friday.¬†¬†¬†Friday is a good night, but when I do our large general antique consignment auctions, I cannot set up the sale the same night I do the auction.¬†¬†I need two days. So doing a Saturday night sale was a bit of a gamble.¬†¬†When I first presented the idea a few months ago, I got mixed response.¬†¬†Some said they thought most people would be too busy to attend a Saturday night sale, others thought it would be a good night, so all I could do was try it and see. It worked, so I have plans for two more Saturday nights in July and August and then switch back to days in September. Speaking of September.¬†¬†I received a bit of a bombshell the other day when the management of the Pottageville hall informed me they would not be accepting any bookings for September.¬†¬†I already had a sale booked and that has been put on hold.¬†¬†Apparently King Township have not decided the future of the Pottageville hall.¬†¬†It is possible we may not be able to use it any more after September, and that would be a major loss for myself and the other auctioneers using the hall.¬†¬†At this point we just don’t know what they will decide, so for myself and others, everything is up in the air. I do have some back up plans and may have to implement that plan at least for the September auction. It really would be a shame if we can no longer use the hall.¬†¬†The facility, location, parking etc has been just about perfect for auctions.¬†¬†There are very few locations now that are suitable or affordable to use as auction facilities.¬†¬†It is quite possible that there many be no suitable facilities to hold auctions in anymore.¬†¬†What do we do when you don’t have a hall?¬†¬†You are out of business. So once again there could be some big changes coming in the fall.¬†¬†This time, I don’t want change, but as I have often said over the years, you have to roll with the punches. I will be keeping you updated, but in the mean time I have three more auctions to get ready, so once again there are very busy days ahead! Rob IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS ABOUT THIS OR ANY OTHER ARTICLE, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT¬†¬†¬†ALWAYS NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU!
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