Good Ole Summetime!

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June 16, 2011
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…making a few changes!

I have been a little negligent in updating this posting, but like most of you, it gets busy! Lots of work outside, plus of course doing the auctions, but now I am taking a moment to update you on what we are up to for the summer. First change, and I guess the biggest, is the Saturday night auctions. It gets very busy during the summer months, and it is much harder to fill the auction halls on a Saturday.  We do some Friday night auctions, and will have an upcoming Monday night auction in Bond Head on July 18th, but I wanted to do something different for Pottageville in the summer months. My idea is to do a Saturday night auction.  Now that is not traditional for the auction business.  There have been a few auctioneers running successful Saturday night auctions, but most stick to the traditional daytime or weeknight sales. I think Saturday night will have a special feel to it.  People have all day Saturday to do the lawn work, lawn sales, other auctions, whatever. Saturday night they can make the auction a night out.  A social thing.  Maybe call a few friends and invite them along as well. For the majority of people, auctions are a day or night out.   It is fun and interesting, and can be something a little different for them.   The social part of an auction is very important.  It is a chance to meet up with friends, connect with other dealers and collectors, and for some people, just a good excuse to get out of the house. I have selected items I think will fit a Saturday night atmosphere.  Lots of primitive and country items, good furniture and of course a nice selection of quality smalls, for the more serious collectors. We always try and make our auctions fun and interesting, so I think they will lend themselves well to a Saturday night auctions. Sunday sales are good, but somehow we just don’t seem like a Sunday auction. Some hopefully you can join us for our first Saturday night auction on June 25th. I am looking forward to it! Make a night of it! Rob
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