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January 22, 2012
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what a day!

What a great way to start off the new year! We had one of our largest auctions ever in Pottageville!  220 registered bidders and we sold 761 lots! Selling in two rings for part of the day, but even with that, the sale lasted 8 hours. We had another very good offering and I was anticipating a big crowd .Very high traffic to this website, in fact we had the most visits in one day ever, on the day before this auction.  I watch the website traffic and hopefully this gives me an indication of what size crowd to expect. I told my sister to prepare for a very busy food booth, and sure enough, they had their best day ever as well! Prices overall were strong from beginning to almost the end.  Primitives selling well, overall fair to strong prices on the furniture, and the unusual items still continue to sell well. There were a lot of new faces at the auction, and this is always very encouraging.  Although I sometimes wonder what it must be like for someone coming to one of these auctions for the first time.  Wall to wall people, two rings selling at once for part of the sale, hectic and at times noisy….I hope it is not too overwhelming for the first timers!  If you were there for the first time and did find it a little overwhelming…don’t worry, they are not always like that! It takes a lot of work to set up and carry out an auction this size.  Most of my staff put in a ten or eleven hour setup day, and about the same auction day.  By the time we clean up the hall and leave, its almost 8:00 o’clock, and that can make for a long day. That’s why I like to take the time to thank everyone involved.  They do their jobs very well in order to make it all run smoothly.  What may seem chaotic at times, is actually a pretty well run effort.  We sell  non-stop for 8 hours straight without any down time or delays.  My wonderful staff keep it all on track for me, and for that I am grateful! So I am going to keep this entry on the short side.  Even though it is just the day after the auction as I write this, I have to start doing the paperwork for this auction, and then start getting the Feb 18 auction ready. Although I may just spend  a fair bit of tonight watching TV and relaxing…and then start the paperwork Monday! For A Video Presentation Of This Auction Click Here Rob
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