Lots Of Changes….

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September 16, 2010
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and it’s all good!

Change can be a good thing…and there have been a number of changes for me lately…and they have all been good! Biggest change of course will be our move to the Pottageville Community Centre, starting  Sat Sept 25. For 14 years we have conducted our sales for all, or part of the year, at the Bond head Community Centre.  That’s where I conducted my first auction, and over the years we have had many outstanding auctions in that hall. Four years ago I decided to try doing auctions in the Cookstown Curling Club for the summer and early fall months, and that turned out to be a huge success. However, when it came time to move back to Bond Head for the late fall and winter sales, it was hard to adjust to the smaller hall.  I would hear many negative comments concerning how crowded the sales were, how difficult it was to view items if you came in later, how hard it was to remove items from the stage once you purchased, etc etc. I wanted to find another hall, in order to solve some of the above concerns, but also because the rent in Bond Head had more than doubled in the last four years, and more increases on the way.  People were shocked when I told them what I was paying for rent! Another auction company had been using Pottageville for a number of years and running very good auctions there, so I was hesitant for both of us to be using the hall.  However, due to some changes in their business, the hall was not being used on a regular basis anymore, so it seemed like the time was right for me to make the move! We now will be using a newer, bright, larger, modern facility.  No stairs to deal with, a nice big stage area, room to seat at least 100 people, wheelchair accessible, air conditioned, food booth on main level, and a good parking lot.  In short, just about everything I would ask for in an auction hall! Also it gives me a chance to adjust our auctions as well.  I cleaned up most of the backlog of lower end “smalls” in our Cookstown auctions, and now will work on upgrading the overall quality of the sales.  I want the focus to be on good quality glass and china, primitive and country items, artwork, silverplate and sterling silver, lighting  and of course the furniture.  I have had to turn down quite a bit of stuff, but fortunately the quality items have been coming in so it has worked out well.  Now when I say “good quality” glass and china, we are still going to have pieces under $20, but they will be items that are in demand.  I don’t want box and tray lots that we struggle to get $2 for.  Too much time wasted and too much effort on that sort of item.  There will always be some of that in the auctions, but I am working hard to keep that to a minimum. However, I am still keeping this very much a country auction.  I want the mix of refinished and “as found” items….nice to have some painted furniture, and some rusty primitive pieces, as well as good refinished furniture items and higher end glass and china.  The mix is what makes it interesting, and that is something I don’t plan on changing! So in short, I am planning on better auctions in a nicer, more convenient facility…it’s time for your benefit…and mine as well! Hope you can make it for our first sale in the new venue on Sat. Sept 25. P.S….I mentioned there have been some changes for me personally as well as the business.  Yes I bought a new computer system, so am getting used to that.  Also broke my camera so had to get another one.  Also replacing my printer, and have had to unexpectedly replace my riding lawnmower!  Nothing life changing, but lately a lot of small changes I have had to adapt to! Rob
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