Monday April 26 Auction Wrapped Up

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April 27, 2010
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…and now we get ready for Cookstown!

Thanks to everyone who attended last night’s auction.  This was the final sale of the fall-winter season in Bond Head, and I think we wrapped things up on a pretty good note. This was a smaller sale this time out….88 pieces of furniture and a total of just over 400 lots sold.  Sale wrapped up by 10:30, so by our standards, a short sale! Overall I thought the prices were fair to strong.  Furniture prices were good for both buyer and seller, and once again our primitives were strong in price. We didn’t have a lot of good glass and china this time out….fairly standard items, and of course that was reflected in the price.  I had a backlog of glass and china to clear out, and hopefully I am almost caught up.  I swear the glass and china seems to multiply in my storage! Again a lot of new faces to the auction, and I am very encouraged by that.  It seems we made a few good impressions, and I would like to pass on excerpts from a couple of emails I received. “I was at the auction last night and thought it was fabulous. Not only great quality goods, but fabulous service as well!! I was very impressed…” That’s always nice to hear, and so was this one…. “I just wanted to tell you what a great time we had last night at your auction.  It was I think the best auction I’ve been to and you do such a great job of making sure everyone is happy and having a good time, as well as being fair.  I just want to thank you and your staff.  A special thanks to the older gentleman… who helped my husband and countless other people out of the building and into their vehicles with large, heavy pieces….I don’t know what we would have done without him.  Please tell him how much we appreciated his help” The “older gentleman” was Charlie, and I will pass on the message.  I do have a great staff, and I don’t know what I would do without them! So now I start getting ready for our first auction of the season in Cookstown, and it looks like it is going to be another good one! The phone is ringing, and there are a lot of consignors lined up for this sale already.  I know several of them have been waiting for the first Cookstown auction, so items are literally coming in by the truckload! This is an extremely busy time of year for us.  People moving, downsizing, estates to be settled, etc.  I am looking forward to another very busy and interesting summer! Hope you can make it to our upcoming auctions.  If you have never been to the Cookstown auctions before, you should make a point of checking them out.  They are an auction and a half, to say the least!
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