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October 23, 2011
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finally reaching a new plateau

For the upcoming Nov 5 auction, you may notice some new changes. A new look for me and the staff.  Same ol staff of course…I am just sprucing them up a bit. Yes, after many years of setting aside a little money after each auction, I finally saved up enough to buy everyone a black sports shirt with my logo emblazoned on the front. Dave Beasley introduced this to his staff, which are almost the same staff as mine, years ago.  I have since suffered the taunts and snide comments from my staff, about not having “uniforms”.   Little did they realize the sacrifices I was making in order for this to one day happen. So, on Nov 5, they will debut the new look. However, I will be explaining to them, that the uniform carries with it responsibility. I have set down a set of guidelines and ethics when it come to wearing and caring for the uniform. The uniform must be washed in cold water, turned inside out, and must not be included with the rest of their laundry. Collar must be ironed for every auction. They must not wear the uniform outside of the auction, at any location or event that reflects badly upon me.  This includes drinking establishments with female dancers, casinos, discount food stores, dollar stores, flea markets and lawn sales. Donnie cannot wear the uniform when he is driving.  He is a notoriously bad driver, and I don’t want the complaints and phones calls coming back to me. They cannot wear the uniforms when they are working for other auctioneers….although I may make an exception on that one. They can wear the uniforms when they are attending other auctions, as long as they stand at the front of the auction hall and make themselves clearly visible. The uniform cannot be traded for other merchandise. Other than that, they can pretty well do whatever they feel comfortable doing with them.  Although I will be monitoring their activities. So join us for our upcoming Nov 5 auction….a big auction with lots of great stuff…and a pretty good looking staff! Rob IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS ABOUT THIS OR ANY OTHER ARTICLE, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT  ALWAYS NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU!
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