One More Sale In 2010….

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November 12, 2010
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winding down a busy year!

This has been an extremely busy month for me…and I am not complaining, but I just have to admit I have been a little remiss in a few areas on this website. I still haven’t updated the results page since August!  I like to post photos and highlights of some of the items we sell in each auction, and although there have been lots of highlights…I just haven’t had time to post any! However, that will happen soon.  I just need to get caught up on a few other things. People often ask “where do you get all the stuff from?”  Well it is amazing to me where and when items comes from.  I dropped by a thrift shop the other day, because that is where I rent the truck to use on set-up day.  I ran into a “picker” I haven’t seen in years, and he was someone who used to consign to our auctions.  He moved, and I really didn’t hear much from him anymore.  We got talking, and now I have 100 good items to put into our Jan 22 auction.  That’s how it works sometimes.  You run into someone, and next thing you know you are doing business!  I guess that’s why I make sure I shave before I leave the house! Nov 20 is our final sale of the season, and I have to admit it has been an interesting year.  Even busier since our move to Pottageville, and it is going to be nice to have a little time off. Someone asked me today if I go away during that time off.  I said no…I just want to sit around and do nothing for a little while…that will be enough holiday for me! So I hope you can join us for the Nov 20th sale.  It is turning into another good one, and it will be a good way to wrap up our 2010 auction season!
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