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November 3, 2009
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another good sale…one more left in our season!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Oct24 auction in Bond Head!  Another very full sale…approx. 650 lots sold, and a good crowd as well! It is amazing how much we can get into that hall, and we set the sale up in 13 hours, so I was ok with that. My big concern was accommodating the crowd.  I get used to the big crowds and plenty of room in Cookstown.  The night before the auction I awoke at 3:30 am, and lay awake for over an hour wondering how I was going to accommodate the crowd when I had so much furniture in the hall!  Even though we have done over 150 auctions in that hall and never had a serious problem with overcrowding (ok it’s been close a few times), I still worried. I got up early and went to the hall and started to make a few changes.  Moved some pieces downstairs and that solved the problem. I put out chairs and all the regulars grabbed one and reserved themselves a spot for the auction.  For the most part, people find a comfortable spot to stand or sit, and they are there for the duration. Our big concern is damage to the fairly new floor, but once again we passed inspection so everything is a go for the next auction. Many people ask why I don’t find a bigger hall for the winter and spring auctions, and the answer is simple.  It is hard to find a good building for an auction.  You need an easy to find location, parking, food booth facilities, washrooms etc.  I want to keep a country location on a major highway, which is easy to find.  Bond Head meets that criterion.  It has worked well for me for 13 years now, and despite the fact that the rent has increased 175% in the last three years, it still is viable for me.  I just have to make sure the dollar value of the auction is strong enough to make it worth while.  Fortunately that has not been a problem for me…there is plenty of good merchandise coming in! I am planning on making the Bond Head sales a little smaller, but increase the overall quality.  It takes time to clean up the backlog of lower end small items I have in storage, but that is going to happen. So once again I look forward to our late fall, winter and spring season in Bond Head…the little hall where it all started for me! Have fun on the auction trail and hope to see you at our next offering! Rob
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