A New Website…and I am pleased!

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April 26, 2015
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On Friday April 23, 2015, we launched our brand new website, almost 8 years to the month, after we launched our first website. Our first website, had over 450,000 visits, and contained 1000’s of photos, videos, and of course our auction listings. Considering I did not know much about websites back then, I was fortunate in having a very good site created for me. Over the years I have had many, many positive comments about the old website, and it was an essential key to my business. However, with changing technology, an 8 year old website, is probably like driving a 30 year old car…it’s time to retire it, and move up! Now websites must be cell phone and tablet compatible, and if they aren’t, than you are not meeting the needs of your customers. Over 50% of the website views are made from mobile devices. I am fortunate to have a long time friend of mine, Brett Jeffrey, who I consider to be a computer genius, offer to create a new website for me. Technically I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but when it came to content, I was determined to make the site even better than the old site. We’ve taken the best features of the old site, and blended them with the latest technology, and created a website I am now very proud of. It was a learning experience for both of us, and there was a lot of coffee consumed, long walks around the Barrie waterfront, and many texts and phone calls exchanged in order to bring it all together! I am very pleased with the end results, and now I leave it up to you to make judgement. Feedback is always welcome as we continue to tweak and refine the site! Hope you enjoy! Rob
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3 Responses

  1. Rob sage says:

    Feel free to post comments!

  2. Jim Nickerson says:

    Like the new setup / easy to highlight the single items, view then go back to listings and continue.