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April 8, 2013
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a little tonque in cheek!

Barrie Man A Throw Back To Another Era. Rob Sage, 56, currently living outside of Barrie Ont., surprised many people in the local area, by openly admitting, he still uses a flip top cell phone, with a $10 a month plan. Sage admits he has been using the antiquated technology for over 5 years now. He went on to explain how he can drive without using a cell phone, can shop without it, run a business without it constantly in his hand, can still keep in contact with family and friends. He also admitted he has never sent or received a text message, has never checked his email from a mobile device, in fact at times has gone 7 or 8 hours in a row without checking email. He still updates his facebook page from a desk top computer! Sage still prefers one on one conversation…face to face.  He can go through an entire meal in a restaurant without technological interruptions, and will often maintain a one on one conversation for hours on end. He does have a website that he admits is a very important part of his business, and he will spend many hours a month working on it.  However, he can also walk away from it, and still lead a full and productive life. Perhaps even more shockingly, Sage also admitted he has never played a video game. Never. And may never. Despite his technology handicap, Sage still believes he lives a full and productive lifestyle. He somehow sees and enjoys a world around him that is somewhat larger than a palm sized video screen. He still moves forward, despite also living backward in a by gone era… from almost 5 years ago.
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