Another Saturday Night Auction….

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August 2, 2012
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and another record sale!

Thanks to everyone who attended our Saturday evening July 28 auction…and what a sale it was! We sold 932 lots in two auction rings during a 7 hour sale! We had almost a record crowd, sold a record number of lots, and indeed it was a busy, noisy and hectic sale! And to think a year ago I had people questioning me about the wisdom of doing a Saturday night sale.  The question was, “who will come to a Saturday night auction?” The answer is…”a lot of people!”.  We had people literally from all parts of Ontario.  Some driving ten or fifteen minutes to the sale, while others drove for up to two hours to get there. Now I realize some of you may have found it a little challenging with the size of the crowd and the noise…heck as an auctioneer I found it challenging! However, rest assured, if this was your first time to one of  our auctions, they are not always like that.  This was a combination sale between myself and Dave Beasley, and between the two of us, we had a lot of merchandise to move.  It worked well, but it is not something we do on a regular basis. My Aug. 25 sale will be one auction ring only, so I am working to keep it a little smaller.  I have a backlog of glass and china to get through, but I am trying to keep the sale a little smaller.  Ok, I have said that many time before, but I am trying! I have some great Canadiana pine pieces coming in, and I will be building the sale around that.  I spent two days bringing the pieces up from Erin, Ont. and it is one of the best offerings of pine I have had to date. Everything came out of one home, and I was in my glory for two days!  Even Charlie was impressed with what we picked up! I am going to make this entry short, as I am preparing for the upcoming long weekend.  I am working at Kempenfest Festival in Barrie, helping a friend of mine with his art exhibit.  It is nice to spend a few days working at a different type of selling.  I don’t get to yell at people for 7 hours straight…and that is kinda nice! Have a great holiday weekend, and have fun on the auction trail! Rob
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