Family Pieces Staying In The Family?

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September 29, 2016
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About a week ago I was on a house call, and made arrangements to pick up several items the following week, to consign to an upcoming auction.

One of the pieces I particularly liked, was a very nice Victorian oak hall stand with mirror. The woman told me the piece belonged to her mother, but no one in the family was interested in it, and because she was moving, the piece was going to go to auction.

One week later I arrived to pick up the pieces, and the first thing the lady said to me was, “oh I am so sorry, but my granddaughter wants the hall stand, so it can’t go to auction”

That means there is less money in the deal for me, but that did not bother me.

I always encourage people to keep family pieces in the family, if at all possible.  This very nice lady was surprised, but thrilled, her granddaughter was even interested in the piece.  However, that piece belonged to the granddaughters, great grandmother, and she should have the piece!  I was glad she decided to take it.

I realize antiques are not everyone’s taste. In fact, most people are not interested in antiques. It’s always been that way. A small percentage of the population, keep the antiques market alive.

However, when it comes to family pieces, it always saddens me, when no one has any interest in the pieces. They are part of a person’s heritage, yet I have seen people casually sell very personal family pieces.

I realize, there are situations, and I deal with many of them, when there is no choice but to part with family pieces.  If you are downsizing, and no one in the family wants the pieces, you really don’t have much choice, you are going to have to sell.

However, when the pieces stay in the family, that works for me.  I drove off without the hall stand, but also pleased that one young woman, will make sure that piece stays in the family, for another generation.



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