First Antique Auction Of The Year…

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February 5, 2015
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great way to start off 2015!

We started off the new year on a high note…our Jan 24 antique auction in Pottageville was one of our best!  Large crowd, strong bidding on most items….the kind of sale I like! (of course) Items that created the most buzz, were the outstanding ram’s horn 1905 shooting trophy…sold for $2200 plus premium, and the Birks sterling tea set including tray, sold for $2300 plus premium.  Proves again that quality, unusual pieces still sell for good money, and always will. The consignor of the trophy was a little reluctant to sell at first.  He is in a retirement home and his house has sold, so most of the contents had to go.  I spied the piece in the house, and immediately asked him if he was going to sell that.  He initially said no, and I didn’t push the matter.  I just told him it was a great piece and I didn’t blame him for wanting to hang onto it.  The second time I came to the house to pack up, he told me he would sell it, but was hoping for a certain price for it. I agreed, and it went into the auction.  The piece sold for several times higher than what he expected, and quite a bit higher than I expected, so it all worked out very well!  Not to mention, most of his other items sold very well.  When you are selling items for an elderly consignor, who has treasured those items for so many years, it feels very good when they sell for a price, that shows there is still an appreciation and value for those items. The sterling tea set came from another home in Barrie.  When I first went into the house I thought at first glance it was silver plate…the lady was still using the sugar bowl.  Of  course I looked closely at it, and discovered all pieces were signed Birks sterling, including the tray, which is unusual.  It is the first complete set I’ve had, but we never really discussed price.   Once again, the consignor is moving and it had to sell.  I knew it would sell well, but I was not expecting the final selling price of $2300.  The owner also had some other pieces that sold well, and within a few days of the auction I received a phone call from a very excited and pleased consignor!  That makes my day as well. We had a large quantity of old tins, signs and primitives, and as always, they sold very well overall.  We sell primitives throughout the auction, but this sale , the first two hours were just primitives. (I advertised it that way, so the people who buy glass and china, did not have to show up early to preview…they had plenty of time to look while we were selling at the back of the hall.)  To some it may look like a pile of junk…but believe me, that “junk” is gold!  We sell at about 110 lots per hour in the primitives section.  As soon as you put an item up, the bidding starts.  Rarely do we have to job lot or add items… it sells quickly!  The market is hot on those items, and now my sales are heavier on the primitives, and we try and cut back on the low end glass and china.  “Front table” glass and china sells well….the good pieces still will fly. However, the low end glass and china can be brutal, so I am trying to avoid taking it in. Furniture prices were overall stronger in this auction.  Late fall 2014, the prices were very soft on furniture, but this past auction, we had some nice quality pieces that brought fair prices. Once again, if you have the quality, you can expect a fair price.  If the pieces are mid-range or bottom end, then of course you have to expect a lower price.  That’s the way I explain it to consignors. Our next antique auction is not until March 28.  I decided not to do an antique auction in Feb, because I wanted to take a little time to do some home reno projects, and also work on building a new and even better website.  I also have several new furniture auctions to do over the next couple of months…so that will keep the wolf away from the door! However, I will be spending a lot of time gathering up good, interesting items for March auction…in fact I start with my first pickup tomorrow. Have fun on the auction trail! Rob
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