My Business Is Taking Some New Turns…

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May 21, 2014
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but it is all a good thing!

This year has certainly been a very busy one for me…and it looks like it is going to get even busier! As you probably know, I have done several auctions of new furniture and home decor items in Barrie, for Spring Furniture And Vacuum.  The auctions have been going very well…in fact we have outgrown doing the sales in the retail store location, and as of June 1, will be moving the auctions to a much larger location in the south end of Barrie.  Sales will run every two weeks, and there are some pretty exciting plans for the future auctions. William Smith is the owner of Spring Furniture, and he has been working very hard with his staff, to bring about the opening of the new Spring Auction Centre. David and Carol Beasley work with me doing the auctions for William, and with members of my auction team, and William and his staff, we managed to make the auctions successful, despite having to work in some crowded conditions in the retail store location. So now we will be working in a large, open concept facility, and this will allow the auctions to grow and develop into something unique for Barrie and the surrounding area.  I am pleased to be associated with Spring Furniture and Vacuum, and look forward to the opening of the Spring Auction Centre! So now, this brings me to another point.  I have had a few people ask if I am going to give up the antique auctions, and just do new furniture and liquidation auctions…and the answer is…absolutely not!  The antique auctions have been a big part of my life for the last 18 years (and many years before that).  It is in my blood, and I have no plans of giving them up.  They can be very hard work, but there is an excitement and thrill of doing a good antique auction, that never fades away for me.  It is a big part of who I am. Now, I am making some changes to the antique auctions.  For the summer I am spreading them out to every 6 weeks, instead of every 4 weeks.  I want to concentrate more on quality and cut back on the quantity.  I am in the process of cleaning up a big backlog of glass, china and some lower end items, and then will concentrate more on quality items and good country items.  We do well with good pieces, and do particularly well with the primitive and country items, so I will continue to focus on those areas. Now that I have expanded into the new furniture auctions, it means that my entire income is not dependant on the antique auctions, so I can take this opportunity to adjust the antique auctions to make them even better! So there are some exciting things coming down the pipe, and the antique auctions that have been the mainstay of my business for the last 18 years, will just keep getting better!
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