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January 14, 2023
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2023 is going to be a significant year for me…..retirement!  June 12 of this year will be our last online auction.

Rick Osborne and I have worked together for the last ten years, and worked very closely together since July 2020 doing the online auctions.  After much discussion, we both decided,  the 60-70 hour weeks doing the online auctions, will end in June.

I opened my antique shop in 1984, ran that for ten good years, and then started working in the antique auction business. 27 years doing auctions, 24 of them live auctions, and then our move into the online auctions.

So, I have been working in the antique/auction businesses now for 39 years, and I would not change any of it.

Successful store, successful live auctions, and very successful online auctions. Seems right to go out on a high note!

We will continue to do monthly online auctions until June.

I have much more to say over the coming months, but I think I owe it my longtime consignors and customers to let them know now.

So that’s it for now….going to have a very busy few months until June!


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