Saturday Night Antique Auctions!

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May 25, 2015
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This Saturday May 30, will be our first Saturday night antique auction of the season. I started Saturday night antique auctions three years ago, and they have gone over very well. There seems to be a slightly different feel to the Saturday night auctions…a little noisier, a little more energy…people are coming out for the night and having fun! First year I promoted them as Saturday Night Auction and Singles Night In Pottageville…I don’t think anyone was disappointed with the auction, but the singles night aspect perhaps not as fulfilling for some! (it was a joke, but I think a few people took it seriously!) However, when I first suggested doing a Saturday night auction, it was met with some scepticism. I had a few people question whether many people would want to come to an auction on a Saturday night, but I was pretty sure it was going to work. Live auctions are very much a social gathering, so why not do it Saturday night? It’s a night out, and it’s fun and hopefully entertaining…sounds like a good Saturday night to me! Thirty years ago I would not have wanted to spend my Saturday night at an auction…but let’s face it, we all change over the years! Also, Saturday daytime gets very busy for most people during the summer. There is usually lots happening every weekend,, and it was hard to get people to come to an indoor auction on a Saturday during the day. When I was in Bond Head and Cookstown, we did Monday night auctions during the summer and had very large crowds. With Pottageville, the Monday nights were always booked for other hall activities, so Saturday night was the only other option..,.and it worked! So if you have never been to our Saturday night auctions, try and get out to this upcoming auction. I am starting the sales earlier now…start selling at 4:00 pm, and that lets us focus on the primitives and country items first, and then move onto the rest of the auction early in the evening. That way the major items are done early in the evening, and no one is loading up with furniture at midnight! Hope you can make it Saturday night! Rob
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  1. Kelly says:

    I think night auctions would be fabulous and will definately try to make a night auction, a lot goes on during the day plus I am more of a night owl anyways! I think you should keep the night auctions going