There are times when size doesn’t matter…

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October 25, 2015
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At the top of this page, you can see two photos of items that came from the same home. One a large pine sideboard in orginal finish. The other is a photo of two small tins. I think you probably know where I am going with this, so I will get right to the point!  The large pine sideboard sold for $225.00  The two small tins sold for a total of $400. It took two of us to move the sideboard, and by the time we got it to auction, we handled it four times. I put the tins in a box and took photos. This sums up the antique market right now.  The money is in good, unusual, small items. I knew those tins would be winners. I checked on-line, and because they are American, they were selling well south of the border. I accepted an advance bid on the tins, which I usually do not do, but I was not going to turn down the offer.  He told me he would go up to $300 each on them.  Obviously he was pleased when he got them for $200 each, and he drove 2 hours to pick them up on Sunday. We handle a lot of furniture, and will continue to do so.  However, there are some pieces I will no longer accept into the auction.  I tried selling three dining room suites this year, and none of them totalled in price what those two little tins did.  It’s just not worth me handling them anymore.   If people don’t want them, there is no point in me bringing them to auction. For those of you who attend our auctions, you probably have noticed we are handling more primitives and country items, and gradually less glass and china.  The first hour or more of the sale is selling the primitives…and they fly!  Rarely do we pack up any of that stuff at the end of an auction…glass and china can be another story. So I try and adjust to the marketplace. The primitives, signs, toys, advertising, country items, rusty cast iron pieces…they are all selling, and usually selling well. I cannot do an auction of just primitives. We still need the furniture, and the good glass and china, to make an interesting mix.  However, if you ever wonder why we have so much of that “old junk”, just watch closely while I am selling it.  And then watch closely while I am trying to sell non-descript odds and ends of glass and china, or chairs, or books, or prints…and I am sure you will figure it out! We are changing as the market changes.  Thats how we have stayed in business for almost 20 years…and plan on being around for a few more!

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