Winding Down Another Year…

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December 20, 2013
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looking forward to another Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings And A Happy New Year! I extend this greeting on behalf of myself and my staff, and let me take this opportunity to thank my wonderful staff, and say a few words about each of them. Audrey Sage.  My mother of course, and Mom has clerked and set up every auction I have done over the last 16 years.  Mom will be 83 in March, and she claims the auctions keep her young.  She has a passion for auctions and antiques, and when you consider the ten years she helped out in my antique store, we have worked together for over 26 years.  To everyone on our staff she is simply called Mom. Brian Sage. My brother Brian has been working with me since the very beginning as well.  Brian started out as a handler, but the last few years has done more clerking duties, as we often run in two rings. Kris and Gerry Jansen.  My sister and brother in law have looked after the food booth for almost every auction during the last 16 years.  I think my sister makes the best egg salad sandwiches!  Unfortunately for me, there are never any left  after the auction for me to scarf down! David and Carol Beasley.  David and Carol have been with me as well since the first year, and I have worked with them in their business for the last 18 years. Carol looks after the registration and cashiering, and always amazes me how she keeps it all going.  Carol also has this strange ability to retain incredible amounts of information….if there is something I don`t know, all I have to do is ask Carol. It is scary sometimes. David has been my associate auctioneer as well since the first year. You are familiar with David`s skills as an auctioneer, but what you don`t realize, is David`s ability at auction set up and display.  David can take 500 lots of assorted items and in a few hours have it look like a display at the mall.  Of course he does have a few years of retail experience. Don Garner.  What can we say about Donnie.  Lots of hugs for the ladies…always laughing…our big ol teddy bear!  Donnie has been with me for over ten years, and I couldn`t imagine our auctions without him.   He works hard, but loves doing it.  He takes his responsibilities seriously, but has fun as well.  We have many, many ongoing jokes with Donnie, and he laughs with a mischievous grin.  Sometimes I think he may be grinning, because he is also thinking that we don`t know how close to the truth we really are! Charlie McAteer.  Charlie has been with us for several years now, and he and Donnie make up the team we call the Sunshine Boys.  Charlie doesn`t live far from me, so quite often we pick up items together, load the cube vans, and usually are doing a lot of the grunt work.  Charlie told me he has the best of both worlds now…he loves going to auctions and now gets paid to be there!  He kids me about how poorly I pay him.  However, he is always there when I need him, and never let`s me down, so I guess I am not as cheap as he let`s on. Tylor Fairbrass.  Tylor is by far the youngest member of our team….in fact by decades!  Tylor started handling with us about a year ago, and immediately made a great impression on our staff.  He just turned 17 and has demonstrated a remarkable work ethic.  As well as the auctions, he of course goes to school and also holds down a part time job.  He has a true interest in antiques, and even holds garage sales a couple of times a year with his Dad.  He recently gave me a Tim Hortons gift card to show his appreciation for being able to work with us.  The rest of the staff should take note! David and Susan Niven.  Quite often Dave and Sue volunteer their services when needed at the auction.  Dave will step in to do handling, and Sue will clerk or assist Carol with the cashiering.  I usually ask Dave if he can help out for a few minutes, and those few minutes can turn into several hours!  Dave and Sue both have a passion for auctions, and when they are not at our auctions, you will see them at several other local auctions. Lisa Ferrie.  Lisa starting helping us out this year as well.  As with Dave and Sue, she volunteered to help out for a few minutes, and ended up working the entire sale!  Lisa makes a good handler, because she has had many years experience in the antique business and as a result the auctions as well.  Lisa made the mistake of telling me she would rather be helping, then just sitting in the audience.  It turns out I am not giving her much time to sit in the audience! So that is a little bit about my staff.  I often say I have an incredible staff, and the auctions simply would not be possible without them.  Every person makes a valuable contribution to the auction, and it makes me feel good to constantly hear from you, how great our staff are! Looking forward to seeing you all in 2013. Rob
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